Essential Advice

First time you log in

Below are some useful tips to help you efficiently consult the items offered for sale:
The items offered for sale on are divided into main categories.
The main categories are further subdivided into sub-categories. You can consult similar items by viewing the items offered for sale in these sub-categories. Some sub-categories are further subdivided into minor categories to allow them to be consulted more carefully.
You can also consult special types of ads, such as featured ads.

How to register on

Register on It’s simple, quick … and above all free!
To get the opening of your account, it is sufficient that you enter your personal details after clicking the Register button. Thanks to the nickname and password with which you will be registered, you can access all the services of free of charge
To access the page for creating your account, click on the “Register" button located at the top of the page.
Choose a nickname and password. As soon as you have completed the registration, you will receive an e-mail from the staff. Simply click on the link that will be sent to you and the account will be activated.
If after 24 hours your account is not yet activated, report the problem to info@, remembering to specify your nickname.

How to buy an item on

Buying on is simple and fun.
Do you want to make a purchase after consulting the various sections of objects presented on Contact the seller directly, ask for more information if you want, details on the exchange, meet him and end the deal.

Who sells the objects on users are for the most part private individuals who sell their items directly.
Once the negotiation is finished, establish the conditions, the financial transaction and the eventual shipment of the asset are totally managed by the seller and the buyer.

How to sell an item on

It’s simple… and above all free!
To sell your items, you must first register, if you have not already done so.
By selecting the “Insert Announcement" option in the middle of the page, you will be in the role of the seller.

1. Create your account

2. Collect the information necessary for the sale of your items:
a) the description of the object
b) any photos
c) the category of belonging of the objects you intend to sell

3. Go to the form Sell your item, fill out the information and review all the information you have entered about the item. Check it all carefully and click on the Submit button.

4. A confirmation page will be displayed. Note the information, such as the item number, which will be useful if you want to update the items offered for sale or check the status of the objects, or check and save the email that will be sent to you with all the info of the object put on sale with automatic generation of QRcode.

General Info

Warning: is a serious service where you are identified through the registration form and then through your email. You are therefore required to comply with some elementary rules. For example, prohibits the sale of items in contradiction with the legislation in force in the country in which you make the transaction.

To do business on, act as a seller and follow our advice. Carefully select a main category and then a possible sub-category to define the nature of your object. Enter the name and detailed description of your item, the starting price in cryptocurrency and validate the insertion of your item providing your nickname and your password.

Once you have entered the description of your object, you will have the possibility to add photos of the object itself. Reflect on this opportunity: a photo significantly increases the sales potential of your object, making it more attractive!

We remind you that does not intervene in the payment and delivery of the items offered for sale on its site, leaving to the users themselves the task of finding an agreement to successfully conclude the transaction.