F.A.Q bitBazar.io

The 5 basic rules

  1. Each ad can only be published once, in one city and only in the relevant category.
  2. The duration of an announcement is 60 days, it should not be republished before the deadline, or removed in advance and then reinserted.
  3. Avoid using vulgar language or images contrary to common sense.
  4. Ads must necessarily refer to something specific. Do not insert generic ads that are only useful for advertising a website or activity.
  5. Carefully read all the Rules of Publication, and the Conditions of Use. By posting on bitBazar.io you undertake to respect these rules, which are in everyone’s interests, you can also report any irregular announcements that you find. Irregular use of the site may result in the removal of all your ads at any time we notice, without notice.

How can I change my ad?

You don’t like the photo that you have inserted in your ad and you want to replace it with a more appealing one? Did you type the title of your ad incorrectly?
Don’t worry! You can change your ad with a simple click!

Follow this simple steps:

1) Click to “place ad" in the options
2) Select the ad you want to edit
3) Edit your ad
Where can I find my ad?

You have published an ad but you can’t find it out?

It will be enough click on “place ad" in the option section to be redirected on the dashboard where you will be able to see all your ads

How can I reply to an ad?

You want to replay to an ad but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, here you can find how to do.
It will be enough to click on the ad you are interested in, that you can easly find in the dashboard, and click to the contact the seller button.

Do you need assistance? Contact us

If you can’t find a solution here, you can contact us by email
Just contact support@, we will answer you as soon as possible

How can I post an ad?

Posting an ad is very simple, you just have to follow this few steps:

1) Click on the “place ad" button
2) Click on the “products" button
3) Click on the “add new product" button
4) Fill out all the fields

Than save and you have done!

Have I to register to post an ad?

Yes, you have to be registered to be able to post an ad, that’s necessary because if you are not registed you won’t be able to sell, so the ad would be unuseful!

How to report an irregularity

For the most common reports we have prepared fill out the contact form: enter your name, your email address and why you think the content is illegal. If you do not enter all the requested information, the report will not be processed. The message will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of bitBazar.io