General Provision

In addition to what is provided for here, we remind you that announcements must comply with all the laws and regulations in force in Europe.
The ads are always published under the sole responsibility of the user, who at the time of the insertion of the announcement also declares to know and accept the terms of use of the service. can not be held responsible in any way for what is published by users and for their conduct.

We reserve the right to:

• decide at any time the actions to be taken in case of announcements that break the present rules or the principles on which is based.
• modify / update the rules at any time, even without prior notice.
• change the title of the ads for editorial reasons and / or to make the content of the advertisement itself more comprehensible.
• not to publish an advertisement or, if published directly online by the user, to delete it, if the content of the announcement violates the general conditions of use of the service, and / or these rules or, in any case, if its content does not comply with the editorial policy of It is understood that will not be responsible for any direct and / or indirect damages caused to third parties by the publication of the announcement, even if it has not ordered its cancellation.
We remind you that we work with law enforcement agencies in the case of announcements that break the law. The identity of advertisers or buyers can be determined through the internet service provider. For example, IP addresses could be registered to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the service.
We at will provide, at the request of the competent authorities, any information useful for identifying individuals who break the law.